Season 2
"So, this is it?"

After a long month of simply surviving, the small establishment known as “Haven” has begun to stabilise itself. A handful of new survivors have arrived, some of which are children. As it stands, the population is at 57 Males, 36 females making for a total of 93 people. Of that 93, 13 of them are children and 8 of them are either too old or too wounded to be of much help in the field. That leaves about 72 able bodies for labour.

Comprising of that 72 are people from all walks of life:

14 Soldiers (6 from the general military, 8 MPs)
4 Tank Crew (minus the tank. They’re generally working as Gunnery)
7 Police officers (Including Bruce and Donavan. 4 Metro 3 county)
2 Master Mechanics
2 Average Mechanics
1 Vetenarian
1 Master Crop Farmer + family
1 Average Livestock Farmer + family
4 Paramedics, 2 of which are pilots
10 General laboures- most of which can operate large machinary. About them are crane operators, electricians, plumbers etc.

Apart from these noteable survivors are a remainder of white-collor, unskilled and young people with few skills appropriate for this stage of the reform although as time progresses, their clerical skills may be of use. Amongst the F6’s (The fore-mentioned group) are a number of musicians and other artists as well.

On the eve of the next game, tents are being put up, rosters being managed and attractions being built by the mechanics about Haven in light of the first ever (as far as anyone knows) festival since day 0. Half of the town are looking forward to forgetting about the mess the world is in at the moment, while the other half are adamant that the waste of resources is not worth the moral benefit. Either way, the mayor is optimistic about the outcome of what he dubs “exactly what we need.”.

Bruce on the other hand… “What we need is bullets- Not smiles.”

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