Hadrian "Hades" Novac

"Why the fuck are you asking so many questions?" - Hades


“Yes, if you get in my way you will die. If you hurt my sister, you will die. If you fuck with my team, you will die. If you look at me, you guessed it; dead” – Hades


Growing up on the street, needing to care for the only one that matters to you, it does things. Hadrian is no stranger to hardship and violence. Turning to alternative ways of providing for his sister Tunde helped provide the foundations for his survival. Cold, hard and merciless, the only way to live in a world of corporations and zombies alike.

Knowing what to do comes naturally to Hades, he knows what he needs and he gets it, regardless of who is in his way.

Hadrian "Hades" Novac

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